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Why buy refurbished used computer?

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Refurbished usually refer to as “poor quality”, “unreliable” or “broken”. Whilst for some goods and in turn the associated retailers this would be an accurate assessment, in the computing world the reality is often markedly different. Quality, affordable refurbished used PCs and laptops are popular because they provide good value for money and have been well maintained.

With budget cutting and continuous freezing of departmental spending fast becoming the norm, making the decision to buy a refurbished desktop or other type of computer can be a great way to save money especially for the new business or new start up.

Whether you’re in the IT industry, checking out refurbished computers may benefit you. Below is our guide on buying a refurbished laptop. Read on for all the information you need about buying them.

1. Cost Savings from buying refurbished used computer

Your computing investment must deliver value for money from day 1 but also over the period of time the machines are intended to be in active service. To get the best value for money you need to avoid overpaying for devices and you also need to swerve ‘specification overkill’ i.e. paying for bells and whistles you simply do not need.

Many people look to buy refurbished electronics to save money. A brand-new laptop with its many added items can cost you thousands of dollars. Often, that doesn’t even include the software you need for work yet.

It would also be smart to get one when you’re looking for a family computer. You can take advantage of the cost-performance ratio to buy a laptop for your kids. They get to do schoolwork and play games on a laptop that’s cheaper than brand new but still performs the same.

Sellers of refurbished laptops can offer the same model at 25% to 40% less the price. The price is cheaper but the performance stays the same. In theory, that’s cutting down costs to $300- for a laptop worth $800!

2. Warranty Cover for buying refurbished used computer

3. Reusing Materials from buying refurbished used computer

4. REFURBISHED = A SHREWD BUSINESS INVESTMENT for buying refurbished used computer

Start looking at our list of refurbished used computer and get one one now!

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